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This site relates to collaborators around a set of topics in cyber security, bigish data analytics, and election systems optimization. The contact person is Theodore T. Allen (allen dot 515 at osu dot edu) in the Ohio State University department of Integrated Systems Engineering.
"Blying" is a sailing term but there is also a made up definition relating to convincing oneself about something unbelievable and then professing to believe it.
Blying might be entering the popular speech now. Nina Dobrev used it casually in an interview on the Colbert report. Presented at OSU in 2006 then on Colbert in 2018. Then, Rachel Maddow used it in 2019.

We seek to make usable and used software and methods with "honest" formulations.

Software-Method Family
 Fast Bayesian RL
 Maintenance & inventory policy $$$
 Cyber recs. generated
 SME Refined Topic
 Clusters text, retrieves docs. intuitively
In-use US DOD
 Sequential Kriging Optimization
 Controls simulations, optimizing, mapping  
In-use Honda
Genetic Algorith Gen. EDD
 Schedules with inventory positions
Hopefully soon in use
 Indiff. Zone Gen. Binary Search
 Simulates, finds resources so all exp. wait <X
Hopefully wide in elections

Not just long run optimal.
Every step is optimal while learning.

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blying - (verb, alternate definition to sailing term made up by me) the combined act of self deception followed by the communication of untruths.

Last updated October 28, 2020 

The contact email is allen dot 515 at osu dot edu.

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